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  1. April 2017
    Big things on the Horizon for Jason H Clarke!
  2. Tileyard / Notting Hill Party
    April 2017
    Another great event! Well done John Saunderson!
    Click here for Tileyard Studios
  3. LA Trip
    March 2017
    JM and clients Sarah deCourcy and Alessio Nanni took a trip tp LA in March to drum up some new business. Watch this space!
  4. 9th Music Moguls Lunch
    March 2017
    MMF, Music Sales, Feel For Music, The Licencing Partnership, Squirky Music, Songbook, Phase Music, C8 Associates, Supreme Songs, Music Synch Tank, Auddly, Kemplay Consulting, New Media Law, Metropolis, Discovery Channel, Frontier Games, Rocking Horse Road, Focus Music, ITB, BT Sports, Rhiza Music, UPPM, Soundlounge, Supapass, BMI, Reverb XL, Forscene, NWN Blue Squared, Delicious Digital, Carlin Music, Hookline, Hyphon Music, Anger Music, Perfect Havoc, Escape Management, Setfords Solicitors, ASCAP, PRS for Music, Sony ATV... oh and Managers, Artists, Producers, Composers and an Opera Singer!
  5. Online Course for Music Publishing and Synch
    March 2017
    Tileyard Education and Music Gurus have teamed up to provide on-line courses in the Music Industry and Performing. I've been asked to talk about Publishing and Synch. Click below!
    Click here for the Music Gurus Website
  6. ASCAP Awards 2016
    Thursday 11th November
    Another great night with Duran Duran winning the icon award. Highlight for me was Amy Wadge (Thinking Out Loud).. she was wonderful.
    Click here for the ASCAP website
  7. Notting Hill / Tileyard Christmas Party
    Thursday 17th November
    Brilliant night with some of the best emerging talent in the UK.
    Click here for Tileyard Studios
  8. 8th Music Moguls Luncheon
    Thursday 27th October
    What a fantastic day with people from BMI / PRS / MMF / Managers, Artists, Lawyers, Accountants, Publishers, Journos, FIlm Directors, Composers, Tileyard... this is fast becoming THE industry lunch.
  9. BMI Awards
    10th Oct 2016
    Lovely to see Sting getting an icon award. Well deserved I tought. Also, really nice to meet Andrew Hozier. What a lovely chap.
    Click here for BMI website
  10. London Synch Sessions
    28th Sept 2016
    Representatives from the likes of Sony Music, BBC, Red Bull and Pusher Music, as well as music supervisors who have worked on film and television series such as Absolutely Fabulous, Deadpool, Saw, Call The Midwife and Luther.
    Click here for Metropolis Studios FB page
  11. Jay Mistry to speak at Google!
    27th July 2016
    Augmenting Reality Virtual Reality soundscaping and the importance of audio Date - Wed 27th July The venue: Google Campus, 4-5 Bonhill St, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4BX Start Time: 6.30pm Finish time: 9pm
  12. 7th Music Moguls Luncheon
    15th July 2016
    The Music Moguls lunch is growing steadily and there is now a waiting list. Congratulations to Influence (Chris Smith) for winning our wildcard invite. Keep a look out for the next one!
  13. Follow JM Consultancy on Facebook!
    12th June 2016
    We will be placing up to date news here on the Facebook Page - please take a visit and 'like'.
    Click here for FB Page
  14. Missing income in Latam?
    30th April 2016
    For many years, I have used the same people in Brazil to track down missing performance and mechanical income for LATAM. Michel Kestemont is an expert in this territory. Contact me for his details.
    Unlimited Music Brazil
  15. Jay's Blog on Linkedin
    20th April 2016
    This is about how the decline in royalties are not widespread and there is hope, if you know how to play the game.
    Read More
  16. Synch Drinks @ BBC Club
    6th April 2016
    A great evening for networking with the best of the UK Synch community!
    Synch Drinks Facebook Page
  17. Tileyard / Notting Hill Music Networking Event
    March 31st 2016
    Yet another successful event at Tileyard, organised by John Saunderson!
    Look at what Notting Hill are up to...
  18. JM Consulting to visit MIDEM 2016
    Wed 23rd March 2016
    If you would like to meet up with Jay, please send an email to arrange a time to meet in Cannes (4-6 June 2016)
    Contact Jay for a meeting
  19. David Bowie night at Iguana Studios
    11th March 2016
    Andrea Terrano and I decided to have a party at his studio in Brixton to celebrate the music of David Bowie! - There will be food, wine, beer and karaoke!
    Iguana Studios
  20. Soundcheque - Cue the music event
    30th March 2016
    Very lively event, organised by Laura Wescott, featuring new music and each of the artists performed their own version of a classic cue from famous movies. My favorite was from Rich Stephenson (aka I am Rich) where he did a medley!
    Take a look at Soundcheque here
  21. Jay to be panelist at MMF / MPA Training Module
    7th March 2016
    Come join Jay, Tony Cooper (Imagem) and Roger La Haye (Auditor) on this evening panel organised by the MMF and MPA.
    MPA Website
  22. Join BASCA
    If you are serious about composing, there is an organisation called BASCA who look after composer rights and give you lots of advice!
    Join Here
  23. JMC visits MIDEM
    June 2017
    14th MIDEM for JMC. This time with Felt Music
    Check out MIDEM for 2018!
  24. 10th Music Moguls Lunch!
    July 2017
    Held at Ceviche in London
    Check out Ceviche here.
  25. Notting Hill Tileyard Party
    June 2017
    Great to see Andy Mcqueen again!
  26. JMC goes to Twickers!
    July 2017
    30 years since the Joshua Tree
  27. Synch Drinks
    July 2017
    Great day on the river Thames.
  28. ABC
    April 2017
    Great to see Martin at the Albert Hall
    Check out ABC here.
  29. Ryan McMullan
    July 2017
    He supported Ed Sheeran and then played at The Fix!
    Check out Ryan here!
  30. BASCA Summer Party
    July 2017
    Great to see so many familiar faces!
    Check out BASCA here.
  31. Swing Punks @ Richmond Theatre
    May 2017
    Conducted by JMC Client Chris Bemand
    Check out their next gigs here.
  32. 11th Music Moguls Lunch
    September 2017
  33. BMI Awards 2017
    October 2017
  34. Ibiza!
    Nov 2017
    JM Consultancy spent an ardious week in Ibiza working for Pacha!
    Check Pacha Here!
  35. Nordoff Robbins Pop Quiz
    Dec 2017
    I was very proud to be part of the winning team!
    Please check out this wonderful charity here.